OWI-536 All Terrain 3-in-1 RC Robot Kit ATR

RC Robot Kit

OWI-536: The Best Remote Controlled Robot

Figuring out which is the best remote controlled robot wasn’t easy, but we have a winner! An excellent pick is the OWI-536 All Terrain 3-in-1 RC Robot Kit ATR because it offers the highest value. This is the best robot toy for adults with small children.

The alternatives were also good and had great benefits we feel confident that the OWI-536 All Terrain 3-in-1 RC Robot Kit ATR is a complete package for the curious mind looking for a new hobby.

The benefits you get…

The core of Elenco is still our strong engineering and design skills. Our test equipment has been proven to be reliable as well as affordable. Our niche in the electronics industry has expanded to include markets from Universities and High Schools to retail toy and hobby stores.

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The best deal

Compare the features

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  • Above to make sure this fits
  • Put it together, take it apart, make another module – NO SOLDERING REQUIRED
  • Utilize different track modules and make your robot transform into 3 amazing variations
  • In forklift mode, the ATR is like a mini industrial forklift, with the ability to lift up to 100 g in weight
  • It’s all about flexibility, and intelligent thinking

OWI-536 All Terrain 3-in-1 RC Robot Kit Reviews

Should I get this?

Well, before you pick there are still thousands of alternatives you can consider such as Elegoo UNO Smart Robot Car or WowWee CHiP the Robot Toy Dog. But overall they have similar whistles and bells. And honestly, the OWI-536 All Terrain 3-in-1 RC Robot Kit – ATR compares well with the rest of the highest ranking robot project kits.

BOTRBring On The Robots

BOTR researched real customer data for the OWI-536 All Terrain 3-in-1 RC Robot Kit – ATR and we weighed the “Pros” and “Cons” before making our suggestion on the top deal.

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