The Best Robots For 5 Year Olds (10 Kits to Review)

Robots For 5 Year Olds

Future Robot Engineers Start Young…

We all want to see our children grow and advance, which is why introducing them to technology while they are young is important.

Already, people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are hiring the best and brightest young engineers to work on their creative, technical projects at SpaceX and Amazon.

These kits are perfect for group or school robot projects…

Best Robots For 5 Year Olds

And the top innovative companies are leveraging robotics all the time to do work that humans would get bored doing.

But you know what?

Someone needs to do the programming and configuration of all these machines.

Your son or daughter may grow up to be one of these lucky engineers…

Best Robots For Kids

Children Learn Fast

Sure, traditional toys for small children are good but today’s world is changing and so are our kids. Don’t let your child fall behind other children who already have fluent skills using tablets and smartphones.

Let me tell you a quick story about my son Vincent…

When Vincent was still in diapers, we couldn’t keep him away from our laptop. Now, at 16, he’s already built multiple gaming computers and is currently learning software development and intends to someday start his own company.

Robot for Kids (STEM Projects)

BOTR wants to help with your child’s learning, so we’ve researched hundreds of products to find the best robots for 5 year olds. The list you’re about to see below is for parents with a little robotic engineer running around who is fascinated, like Vincent, with technology.

We estimate by the time your son or daughter is in high school (9 years from now), robots will be all around us. And now is the time to get them comfortable with machines that talk, learn, and do tasks.

The robots we selected for our “Best of List” have different features to pick from, although for 5 year olds and younger; we filtered out those that are App-enabled and have Arduino computers that require programming.

Our goal, for now, is to help you introduce simple robot technology to your child, and from there they can grow into the more advanced machines and artificial intelligence.

So for this guide, we compared 100s of products and came up with bots that are interesting and fun for children 5 and younger. To help you decide, we give you 10 items to choose from and share our top 2 picks…

How we divided and rated our selection:

  • Robots that talk
  • Robot with blocks
  • Robots that walk
  • Robots that are pets
  • Robots that dance
  • Robots with a remote control
  • Robot for learning

The Next Best for Learning is the Zoomer Kitty

Your child will be able to interact with these robots and develop important skills such as using motion and voice commands to control the behavior of these bots.

You’ll love watching while your son or daughter advances.


Robot Reviews

Click the star rating to see the full review…

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Want more challenge?

See 10 advanced robot kits for older kids and adults that require assembling circuits, motors, computer parts, and writing software code.

Robot Comparison Chart

Buyer’s Guide

Robots that walk, talk, and dance require batteries or charging. Please check to ensure you order the correct batteries for your child’s project.


Robots with blocks or parts that require assembly may need an adult to assist with building them. Some kits include instructions and tools for assembly.


Robots with remote controls require batteries that may not be included. Please check your product description and order batteries with your project.


Pet robots that move or walk may require a flat surface. They may also bark and make loud sounds that can scare your child.


Robots for Toddlers should be tested and carefully reviewed for hazards, as well as the best robots for toddlers will be clearly marked on the package or in the product details with recommended age groups to ensure the product is safe for small children.


Note: To prolong battery life, don’t forget to turn off your child’s robot when they are not in use.

Thank you for checking out our list of the best robot toys for 5 year olds. It’s specially created for parents focused on their child’s learning. We hope you were able to find what you were looking for – but if not, please let us know what you ended up buying so we can improve our list. Or feel free to share what you thought were the Pros and Cons in the comments below.


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