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Thank you for visiting Bring on the Robots today! I’m Joe, and I’ll be your host as we dive deep into our favorite topics about robotics.

On BOTR, we’re going to cover many of the places where robots already exist, other areas we see robots eventually emerging, and where beginners can find the best robots for kids or adults.

But before we start discussing the best robots for beginners, let’s warm-up with some real-time statistics…

First-off, when I Google “robots,” I get 291,000,000 results and the top link is to the IMDb post about the movie ROBOTS.

best robot to buyThen, when I search again using Bing, I get 32,400,000 results and the top link is to Wikipedia. We’ll look at this post closers in a minute.

best home robots

And finally, when I search on Amazon, I get 297,871 results and the top link is to Cozmo. This is one of my favorite toy robots.

robots for kids

To sum it up, that totals 323,697,871 search results and doesn’t include the results I would find if I added Yahoo or Youtube.


The reason I showed you these search results was to make an opening point.


People are absolutely fasinated with Robots!

Rise Of The Robots

I spend a lot of time on the road and one morning while driving to work I heard about a best selling robot book while listening to the Rich Dad Podcast. I had to buy it.

Wow, the “Rise Of The Robots” by Martin Ford does an excellent job covering every aspect of robotics and artificial intelligence emerging right now. I recommend reading Martin’s book if you want to learn what’s been going on for decades and what’s lurking on the horizon.

What are robots?

Robot Kits Amazon

If you’re like me, then you’ve watched the Terminator and Transformer Movies multiple times.

I get it because Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) intrigues me, too.

And Holywood does a fabulous job captivating us with scary villains with glowing eyes that time travel and that can transform into big rig trucks, right?

Later on we’ll take a look at robots in the military, but for now, we’re going to focus on the technology that’s slightly more friendly and relevant to us.

Here’s how Wikipedia defines a robot:

A robot is a machine—especially one programmable by a computer— capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. Robots can be guided by an external control device, or the control may be embedded within. Robots may be constructed to take on human form, but most robots are machines designed to perform a task with no regard to how they look. Read more.

That definition doesn’t sound anything like a movie script to me. It looks like it will be a while before robots are conquering the world or time traveling.

Here’s how the auto industry has been using robotics in their production lines. These robots do welding, painting, and installing parts. And they work alongside humans that run the controls. Although there are strict safety guidelines for humans to say out of the way of massive swinging robotic arms…

Then we have the robots that Amazon has been using in their warehouses for years that move products around.

And even more recently, we’ve seen robots invade our home in the form of vacuum cleaners.

As you can see, the “Rise Of The Robots,” according to Martin Ford has begun. We already live alongside machines with artificial intelligence that are programmed to do the same repetitive tasks over and over that humans have been doing for decades.

List of Military Robots

We may not find any robots like the Transformers running around but the military is developing their own robot for difficult and dangerous jobs. The types of military robots show in this video are all still in development by DARPA.

The list of military robots shown in the video: LittleDog, RHex, SandFlee, BigDog, WIldCat, Spot, PetMan, and Atlas. BOTR will have more on military robots soon…

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has also been around for years.

Do you recall the IBM computer that played chess with the world champion and beat him?

This same technology has been improving ever since and is now part of the worlds most extensive A.I. system. IBM calls this A.I. – Watson.

You can read all about Watson at IBM’s website. But Watson isn’t the only A.I. in our life.

Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home are all artificial intelligent systems capable of listening and processing voice commands.

Watch this example of Alexa responding to 50 commands…

Ignore the cool wrapper these companies have put around their technology because behind the scene powerful computers are running advanced software applications that are processing billions of transactions per second – and learning as they go to become smarter.

A.I. is going to be a best seller this holiday season – and by next year these systems will be able to predict with high accuracy most of our requests before we give a command. The need to ask Alexa what the temperature is when you walk into the room will not be needed because Alexa will sense you’re there and tell you.

The value of A.I. for business use is also going to grow as systems begin crunching data with software algorithms written by brilliant people. These algorithms will be able to spot trends and predict outcomes by processing data. Google has a deep learning framework called TensorFlow that they have been developing for years for their search engine.

But search is only a small piece of Google’s plan. These deep learning algorithms are connected via neural networks all around us through the Internet of Things (IoT). This year will be a big year for all the A.I. systems as the trend for adding more devices to the neural network is at a terminal velocity. The data lakes are about to be filled up with our life.

Amazon Echo - build your own robot from scratchCombine all the data collected by smartphones, wearables, computers, laptops, tablets, and gadgets; and these systems know:

  • Who we call
  • Who we text
  • What we text
  • Where we eat
  • Where we vacation
  • What we watch
  • What we listen to
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Steps per day
  • Your every location

And the list goes on…

All this data is in the hands of prominent data scientists and is getting processed with powerful deep learning algorithms as you read this.

Think about this statistic.

As of this moment, there are 60,255 reviews for the Echo Dot a.k.a. Alexa and Christmas – 2017, is coming in a month.

Future Has Arrived!

We know the data scientists at Amazon are wringing their hands imagining of all the petabytes of data they’ll collect on Christmas Day.

The neural networks of the future Martin Ford wrote about are about to go online, and BOTR is going to be here to monitor and report on the trends, products, and top robot and A.I. news as it happens!

Best Robots For Beginners

On BOTR we’re going to review all the cool things beginners want to learn about robots.

We’ll also share reviews on robot building kits already on the market so you can build and program your Terminator.

Many of the available kits include Adruino computers so you can write custom applications to run your mechanical friend.

Jimu Robot - advance robot kits

And, some of the kits include remote controls and already created software Apps that you can install on your smartphone or a tablet. The best robots for beginners speak, read, dance, and play games.

Beginner Robot Kits for Adults and Kids

A couple of favorites are Jimu the Robot and Cozmo a.k.a. Cosmo the Robot because their versatile enough for all ages of kids and adults to learn how to build, program, and develop your robotic companion with artificial intelligence.

But that’s only two out of dozens of kits and projects you can review in our BOTR learning center.

On BOTR we plan to cover everything you want to learn.

10 Questions About Robots

  1. Will robots take my job?
  2. Can robots feel?
  3. Where are robots used?
  4. Which companies use robots?
  5. Who makes robots?
  6. What robots can do for people?
  7. When will robots take over the world?
  8. Why robots won’t replace humans?
  9. How do robots work?
  10. Are robots smarter than humans?

We’re glad you’re here today.

Our plan for BOTR is to be your favorite robot community where you can learn important skills and news about this innovative industry.

Now, let’s get to the real fun and check out the best robot toys for your projects.

The future has arrived right on time!

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